This week’s Spacing Radio features 4 Days conference

EDITOR’S NOTE: Some Spacing Atlantic readers may not be aware of this, but Spacing hosts a bi-weekly podcast called Spacing Radio (you can subscribe to the show via iTunes or follow the links on the right sidebar). It has primarily been focused on Toronto, but the last few episodes have seen us cover other cities, which we will continue to do. This episode has a feature on Halifax’s recent 4 Days conference.

This episode of Spacing Radio challenges listeners to think about public spaces in a different light. The first place we want you to reconsider is under your feet and under the roads – the sewer system. Spacing Radio producer Mieke Anderson goes exploring underground in Montreal with our Spacing Montreal contributor Andrew Emond. At the 4 Days conference in Halifax, the Spacing Atlantic crew got to chat with John Thackara, the former director of the Netherlands Design Institute and a globe-trotting booster of social innovation. And we discuss a unique project in Vancouver that converts roundabouts and curbside boulevards into blooming gardens. The musical guest is the glorious Montreal band Malajube.


photo by Andrew Emond