The Paramount Importance of Spring Cleaning

Spring is here at last! The season of rebirth, renewal, and… demolition? Yes. It seems that, here in Edmonton, spring has not... Read More

The First and Original CN Tower

Excerpt from Capital Modern: The 26-storey CN Tower opened February 14, 1966 and was Canada’s tallest building west of Toronto. It was... Read More

Giving ‘Eyesores’ a Second Life

In the Edmonton Journal last week, columnist Paula Simons argued for the preservation of the Healy Ford Building in light of its... Read More

Throwback Thursday: West Jasper Place

Read more about West Jasper Place’s sports history here. Date of photo: 1971 Acknowledgement to Brent Welch for sharing. Read More

Lake Sturgeon, Nemêw, Buffalo of the Water

Editor’s note (Dec 17, 2016): Research undertaken in 2015 and 2016 suggests that the word “Namew” lacks strong... Read More

Retail Spaces Sell Cities

Most denizens, visitors and armchair urbanists casually acquainted with the works of Jane Jacobs would agree that the City of... Read More

This Is Edmonton: Neon Sign Museum

Edmonton’s unique Neon Sign Museum was launched on Friday evening, the culmination of years of work by City of Edmonton Heritage... Read More

Edmonton’s Lost Chinese Market Gardens

If you visit the City of Edmonton Archives, a search for “market gardens” in the Henderson’s City Directory for 1932, turns up several... Read More

The Edmonton Streetcar and Its Urban Form: Part 1

Jasper Avenue, Whyte Avenue, 124th Street, Alberta Avenue, 95th Street, 97th Street, 109th Street.  What do all of these streets share... Read More

Paved with good intentions

Changing Lanes: Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways Authors: Joseph F.C. DiMento and Cliff Ellis, (The MIT Press) To urbanist... Read More