Issue 6 /// Public Transit Issue

The cover section of the sixth issue of Spacing focuses on Toronto’s sometimes confounding transit system. Spacing editors Matthew Blackett and Dylan Reid sit down for a Q&A with Mayor David Miller and challenge him to articulate a vision for the future of transit in this city. Toronto transit advocate Steve Munro lets loose on the failings of the TTC and its leadership, while supplying an economically-responsible plan that could reshape our transit system. Other articles include the plethora of subway construction plans from the early 1900s to the mid-1990s, the legend of Lower Bay subway station, how to turn Queen Street into a streetcar and pedestrian-only zone, a look back to 1968 and 1985 when bomb threats to the TTC caused public fear, and an essay in defense of our subway’s “public washroom aesthetic.”

cover photo courtesy of the Toronto Archives, illustration by Joe Ollman