Greening Montreal’s laneways

Montrealers across the city are taking a renewed interest in their laneways. Since many of them are too narrow to work as service corridors, their original purpose, lanes can be used in different and more imaginative ways.

In October, the Plateau borough announced that an old alley behind St. Louis Square would be converted into a “country lane,” but that won’t be the first time something interesting has been done to a Plateau laneway.

That’s what I discovered when I came across the laneway running behind Milton Street between St. Urbain and Clark. Some time ago, I’m not sure when, the pavement was ripped up and replaced by a cinderblock path flanked on both sides by greenery. It’s a peaceful, bucolic space in a neighbourhood that can often be anything but.


  1. I’ve always loved that place. It actually has a name and street sign, “Tara Hall” lane.

  2. So that’s Tara Hall Place! I’ve seen the street sign many times but always thought it referred to the alley on the west side of St. Urbain.

  3. I always thought the name sounded vaguely… glamourous.

  4. My Grandfather lived on Milton St. In the are of Tara Hall my father grew up there

  5. we have a family ancestor, Bernard Devlin, MP, who lived at Tara Hall, 52 upper St. Urbain, Montreal.
    Could this be the same location? it was his home address. We actually have spent the better part of an hour trying to find this place….so any help appreciated.

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