Photo du jour: Advertising versus traffic safety?

This photo was taken on May 6, 2008, on Saint-Laurent and Sherbrooke


  1. I’m pretty sure that such a sign is illegal. These companies are benefiting from unenforcement. The building underneath was quite interesting, being the only one of the block of identical buildings that had not been renovated.

    The scaffolds were put there a couple months ago, but no work has been done other than changing the ad about 3 times.

  2. Have you been to Times Square or Picadilly Circus?

  3. The main problem with this ad is that it actually interferes with the traffic light.

  4. I’ve been working just down the street, and was so startled by not being able to see whether I had a green light or not, while walking eastward along Sherbrooke towards the intersection (right to left on this photo), that I called 311 and made a complaint. But the structure is still there.

  5. The sign is not illegal, I mean, they got a permission, but the fact that it interferes with the traffic light means it should be taken off, or the traffic light moved a little. Concerning the interestingness of the building, I think it looks good with the wrapping. I’m not a fan of urban decay or graffiti tags.

  6. I don’t like urban decay either, but I like urban tackiness a lot less. As for graffiti, I hate tags, but there is such a thing as interesting and clever graffiti. And it isn’t as if one is vandalising a historic building or someone’s house.

    This will convince me NOT to buy that brand of shampoo.

  7. I like graffiti too, but I hate tags. My comment about tags was because this building is full of ugly effortless tags below that wrapping. No interesting graffiti whatsoever can be found on it (as on most walls in downtown and le plateau). I agree this ad is really tacky.

  8. The building underneath that ad is even more hideous than the ad. I don’t wanna be an asshole, but come on how can you have trouble figuring out if the light is green or not, just look at one of the other 3 light poles and the flow of the traffic.

  9. I would hardly call it hideous. The building underneath the ad is identical to the others on the block, except for a bad paint job and a nice vintage retail space.

  10. Yes Jack, you can figure it out by looking at other lights and the flow of traffic, but that’s not good enough. In my opinion there should be no circumstances where an advertisement has priority over the direct visibility of a traffic light.

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