Photo du jour: Aiguisage Tony

I still find it amazing that there is a knife sharpener who drives around the city playing ice-cream-truck music.

June 10, 2008


  1. Je m’étonne aussi d’entendre le camion du rémouleur et je me réjouis deux fois la semaine que celui du laitier passe encore dans le quartier.

  2. I love to see Tony’s truck go down my street too. But I have to say, he over-charges. $10 a knife seems steep. But then again, I’d rather pay him than not see him one summer.

  3. mot du jour: “Aiguisage” (knife sharpening) I learn a new French word almost every time I visit this site :)

  4. Apparently, in Taiwan, garbage collection trucks play ice cream music to tell people it’s this time of the week again, as you can’t leave your bags on the side of the road!

  5. Indeed, the Taiwanese trucks really are a surprise when it’s hot and you’re sure to score a nice chocolate cone… haha ;-)

  6. I love Tony.
    His bell was a klaxxon across the neighbourhood, summoning everyone to get out their knives and other sundries.
    He still drives out to Toronto on the odd occasion too. I’ve seen him going through the Annex

  7. 50$ pour aiguiser une tondeuse à gazon manuelle. Cher mais tellement pratique ce Tony! Il travaille très bien aussi. À se moment je ne savais pas que c’était un aiguiseur connu à travers toute la ville!

    He is riding through Toronto too??

  8. There’s another guy who drives around Rosemont in a white truck. No music but he rings a bell and makes an announcement.

  9. Does Tony really play music? I’ve been seeing him around Montreal for years. Doesn’t his truck just go “Ding! Ding! Ding!” ?

  10. There are trucks like this in Pointe Claire, too. Ice cream music and bells.

  11. He does a damned good job. My blades last for several months after one of his sharpenings.

  12. I don’t know if it was him or a competitor, but I had a good chef’s knife ruined once by one of these mobile sharpening guys with too heavy a hand on the sharpening wheel. Now I do it myself with a stone.

    When I first lived in the Plateau in the 1980s, there was a man who rode an old-style French mobylette which converted to use the drive train to run a sharpening wheel. Nifty gadget I’ve never seen anywhere else.

  13. I’ve had Tony sharpen our knives in past. Have not seen him for some time. Can someone advise on how I can contact Tony. Please advise.

    Thank you,

  14. I would highly recomend Frank’s General Grinding the original sound of the bell and westminster chime.
    Been doing the Town of Mount Royal ever since I was knee high and and now his sons continued the tradtion. If there’s anyone that can do sharpening espeacially knives or garden tools that’s the the man including hand mowers.

  15. We have an Aiguisage T-shirt at our store! come check us out at 51 bernard O. in the mile-end

  16. I agree Frank’s general grinding been doing the town since 1958 and now his sons continued the business and he plays the Westminster Chime got my knives sharpened by him for years great people good job fine edge.

  17. Would like to contact Aiguisage Tony. I need a manuel lawn mower sharpened. I’m in LaSalle. Thankyou to anyone who can help.

  18. Would love to know the next time your coming to Lasalle on Broadway. Thanks can’t wait

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