Seen in Montreal

In the washroom of the cafe where we held our Spacing Montreal anniversary party on Sunday, I found this statement scrawled on the chalkboard wall. We could make out the part about Toronto not understanding the concept as it’s too democratic, but couldn’t decipher what that concept was. The CMSWW above would appear to be part of the statement, but googling doesn’t bring anything up. Any ideas? Will crosspost this to Spacing Toronto for further input.

In an effort to promote pan-Canadian understanding and fellowship, we may have left our own chalk scrawls on the wall that we feel reflect the general sentiment of most Torontonians.


  1. I think your first error is trying to make sense out of what you find in a toilet.

  2. No no no. The stuff in toilets is often gold (though sometimes, um, crappy). Archeologists have found valuable latrine graffiti in Pompeii and other sites.

  3. C’est pas ce que harper a dit juste avant les élections aussi? :P

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