“La Guerre des Tuques” on Mount Royal

guerre.jpgWhen I saw “La Guerre des Tuques” (“The Dog Who Stopped the War“) as a kid, I always dreamt of building a huge snow fort and engaging in a massive snowball battle.  In classic Montreal fashion, someone had the brilliant idea this weekend of recreating such a battle on Mount Royal, a kind of winter version of Tam Tam’s medieval-fighting.  This two day event consisted of building two separate forts facing each other, on Saturday, and wave after wave of battles, on Sunday.  The turn-out was great, and, happily, was dominated by children.  Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time, doing only as Montrealers can do by turning one of the coldest weekends of the year into outdoor fun.  Igloofest and Nuit Blanches are two other events that take advantage of winter in the city.  Post your suggestions for other winter events in Montreal in the comments.


  1. I couldn’t make it there today. has anyone filmed that? (and uploaded it somewhere accessible of course… ;) )

  2. I went to my first Igloofest last weekend and it was absolutely brilliant! I’ll be going again this weekend.

    Don’t forget the last weekend of La fête des Neiges at Parc Jean Drapeau. Looks to be a blast.

    Also, Festival Montréal en Lumière 19th feb to the 1 mar.

    I also read today that in addition to providing free shuttle buses between zones, the STM will also be running the metro all night for Nuit Blanche!

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