Toronto Tuesday : Helmets, Pages & Bylaws


Each Tuesday, Spacing Montreal will share some posts from our sister blog, Spacing Toronto. We hope it will fuel constructive dialogue on the urban issues faced by both cities. Ed. Note: Sorry for the absence, folks. Should be back regularly now!

John Lorinc muses over the necessity of the bicycle helmet. The Toronto Cyclists Union just rejected a motion to mandate them. Lorinc proposes a pretty interesting alternative solution involving a 3-year phase-in period.

RIP Pages Books & Magazines. Toronto loses yet another specialty bookstore. Artists and sinners alike mourn.

• Toronto embarks upon a new unified zoning project which essentially re-determines the urban fabric of the city. Sparsely attended public meetings help no one. Please attend your local ones. :)

• Finally, some notes on Spacing. The Radio makes a triumphant return! As does the written word! Be sure to check out Spacing Radio and pick up the latest issue of Spacing Magazine.

Photo by Sam Javanrouh.


  1. that’s not a “photo” given the amount of manipulation it has endured. Let’s get over this light-table fad please. If you used it more than once this year, then you over-use, and hence Spacing over-uses it.

  2. It’s actually not light-table/photoshop manipulation but a type of lens that puts everything but the subject slightly out of focus. The photographer Sam Javanrouh explained it on his photoblog last spring when he took a series of photos with the lens.

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