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shiny and new

The Guaranteed Pure Milk bottle is unveiled! New paint job; original text. Yelp of joy as I passed by it on my bike yesterday aftenoon (followed by weird look from girl waiting at bus stop). For those who already miss the weathered look, Guillaume St-Jean captured it beautifully last May at the height of its decrepitude.


  1. It looks great. I love this thing and look for it whenever I’m in town. Great job.

  2. Intéressant ! ça fait un moment que je n’ai pas mis les pieds par là. J’essaierai de faire un montage avant après sous peu.

  3. Bravo. Maintenant ce serait une bonne idée de classer et préserver les quelques autres «châteaux d’eau» historiques qui restent en ville. On vient d’en perdre un dans l’indifférence la plus totale (sur le toit du projet «Loft des Arts», coin Ontario et St-Laurent). Il en reste un très beau dans le secteur de la Basilique St-Patrick (e je me souviens pas sur quel immeuble exactement).

  4. Lovely! As mentioned above, how long until it is defaced. Hopefully, never.

    An icon from the past not yet destroyed by progress.

    I too look for the tower every time I am back in Montreal, and go out of my way to view same when I have the time.

    Memories of Youth.

    Do we want the past?, or, to be young once again?

    Maybe both?


  5. Bravo!
    Un gros merci a tous ceux et celles qui ont pris l’initiative.
    It’s one of my favourite landmarks in the city – a modest, yet beautiful relic from the past. Thank you for saving it!

  6. nice job. Dairy is in my dna and it’s nice to see a bit of early montreal dairy history displayed.

    I just got an original milk can. it would have been used to take milk from the farm to the town, and then via train to Montreal.

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