Bonaventure Project (update)

At the end of March, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) plans to release it’s report and recommendations from the Quartier Bonaventure consultation meetings in January. During this public consultation process, citizens voiced concern over the proposal to build a bus corridor on Rue Dalhousie in Griffintown.

In this video I speak with Sami Hakim, an engineer and Griffintown property owner, as well as David Hanna, an urban planning professor at UQAM, who has studied this project extensively.

I contacted the Société du Havre de Montréal (SHM) and requested an interview with Isabelle Hudon, but I received a response from Andre Bouthillier saying: “Unfortunately, she will wait the Office de consultation publique de Montréal report before giving other interviews.” Quite a change since Hudon spoke freely to media during the consultation process. But I hope to speak with her or someone at the SHM after the report is released. To be continued…


  1. Great job …. keep it up!!!!! The absurdity of this project needs to be revealed. The SHM plans show lovely cafes and boutiques in the arcade under the elevated rail.They neglect to acknowledge that these spaces will not be available for 39 years as they are presently leased out. The proposal is full of smoke and mirrors.
    In the middle of the public consultation hearings Isabelle Hudon and her cohorts came out stating that the bus corridor was not negotiable. What an insult to the OCPM process and all the hard work that has gone in to playing by the rules. No wonder she’s not talking now. But don’t be mistaken she has already shown her true colours. What the people think does not matter to her

  2. Mrs Hudon does not care about the Griffintown people, she does not lives there anyway and why bother with them…

    What I find troubling is the game behind the scene that is going on right now ! What kind of pressure
    the SHM is putting on the OCPM ?

    That is a real question….

  3. I think it’s also worth noting the economic interests of Sami Hakim and his family, who have a warehouse that faces expropriation by the Dalhousie bus corridor. Not that the project is perfect, but we should be a little wary when he describes the views of “residents”–he means himself!

  4. The purpose of the people writing in this blog is to stop everything from ever happening in this city :( Luckily it didn’t exist when the QIM was renewed.

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