1. Shaughnessy Village.
    I think this area is very interresting and maybe an article covering the history of this borough in a borough would be interresting”

  2. Someone inform the editor that the word “street” has been mistakenly used to describe one of Montréal’s rues.

  3. In the English language, “Rue” is a genus of strongly scented evergreen subshrubs. Therefore, in proper English, “Rue Tupper” makes no sense whatsoever.

  4. Oh these houses are gorgeous. I would love to live in one!

  5. So pretty a streetscape.

    Rue and street have been pretty interchangeable terms in Montreal. AND given that this is a historic English quartier, let’s not be revisionist historians.

  6. I lived in shaughnessy village in the early 1980s.

    I liked the fact that it was near Alexis Nihon Plaza. Transportation was good as well.

    Painting brick improves the appearance of buildings in photo.

  7. may be pretty, but i will always remember it as cracktown. my friend lived at the corner of lambert-closse. i can only say it is eerie and swarming with addicts.

  8. My parents and I moved to 1251 St-Mark apt. 24 in 1938. I was 5. I left in 1962, but they remained there until 1975. My father, José Delaquerrière an active artist lyrique, vocal arts teacher and choirmaster (for blue collars.i. e.garment factory workers, etc. ) gave private voice lessons at home. I went to school at Atwater and Sherbrooke (NE corner, … we were CND nuns’ guinea pig pupils for their Normal school students.)

    I do think some current local residents might enjoy reading a few pages long text I wrote about what the area looked like, the parks we could go to each day of the year, the huge neon signs, the safe back alleys for hide and seek….. pleasant memories of ‘bygone days’ I suppose, notwithstanding taverns and drunks .. We kids became steetwise early I guess…..

    How can I share this? I could send my short are quite readable text (it is in English)- possibly in PDF form, but to whom ???

    The Website address I give above is the one where you can read about my father’s book on singing. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to ‘push ‘ it. I have already sold or offered to key Music Libraries 94 of the 100 copies I had printed , being the 2nd edition’s editor and publisher. Hoping to hear back from someone. Liliane Delaquerriére Richardson


  9. I have just read Dr. Delaquerrière’s paper on her youth in Montreal as published in “Shaughnessy Village.”
    Can somebody forward my e-mail address to her and give her he message that I would appreciate corresponding with her.

    François Vachon

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