Photo du jour : Le transport actif

Graffiti between Fairmount and Clermont

Grafitti in the laneway between Fairmount and Clermont, in Mile-End.


  1. Not sure if I understand this one:
    gas prices go up
    fat people get on bicycles … and lose their heads?
    they wind up in the hospital
    and the economy goes down?

    How do other people interpret this?

  2. @Kate : Thanks, got it.

    @Zvi : I think the idea is that as gas prices go up, people use more active transit, which means they are healthier, which means that medical expenses goes down. But I don’t really get why the cyclist is headless.

  3. Maybe the cyclist was hit by an enraged commuter from the South Shore who had just filled up his vehicle at a high pump-price to detour miles out of his way because of the issues with Pont Mercier and the cyclist had to go to the hospital thereby losing time at work and his wages?

    Meant mostly in jest.

  4. Le prix du gaz monte, tu vas travailler en bixi à l’hopital, tu te fais shooter dans la tête par des flics, alors la valeur de ta vie n’est pas plus que celle d’un sans-habris.

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