Montage du jour : Intersection des rues St-Urbain et St-Antoine 1960-2011

Source : ONF, La mémoire des anges


  1. Another great set of before/after photos from the Master! Thank You, Sir!

    In the older photo, the dark automobile turning to it’s right/east is a 1958 Chevrolet, the Autobus entering the scene to the right is a MTC Mack from Mack Trucks, just starting on it’s route, having just left Terminus Craig.

    A Mack Autobus.

    This photo from the same corner looking west shows Terminus Craig with streetcars entering and leaving, with the Montreal Tramways Building on the right corner beyond the Terminus.

    The patrons of the Tramways would descend at Place d’Armes up the hill and walk down to Terminus Craig to continue their journeys by streetcar, and vice versa.

    Place d’Armes, looking northwest. Another lovely photo from the past!

    Closest streetcar is leaving for the north end on route Papineau.

    Streetcars for the west end are visible in the distance beyond the square.

    Tramways Map showing Place d’Armes and Terminus Craig.

    Many memories.

    Marvelous images!

    Thank You.

  2. CDNLLOCOCO, thanks for the 1941 Tramway Map.

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