Stip-tease QDS: what is your vision of the city’s core?

Every public space is imagined and experienced differently by different users, but heart of downtown Montreal – the area recently dubbed the Quartier des spectacles – is part of almost every Montrealer’s identity. Stip away the branding, and you’ll find a thousand veils of perception and experience intertwine in this place.

Spacing Montreal is excited to work with the Trudeau Foundation, l’Université de Montréal, and the Maison de l’architecture du Québec to organize Stip-tease QDS, a conference that will explore how different visions of place confront eachother in the Quartier des spectacles, and how this clash contributes to shaping the place itself.

The event will provide unique glimpses into the QDS – and the imagination of Montrealers – through guided tours, food, music, poetry, and a panel bringing together academic and professional perspectives. More info about the event at

Want to share your image of this place? We’re currently looking for photographs and illustrations, both historical and present-day, of the places between Sherbrooke Street and René Lévesque Boulevard; Berri and City Councillors, to display during the event.

If you’d like to submit an image, email your images to alanahheffez  at, or tag it “stripteaseqds” on flickr. By doing so, you consent that your photos be used for non-commercial purposes by the organizers of this event and republished on and You will always be credited for the use of your images.

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