Le Food future de Montréal: foodies and urbanists find common ground at the CCA

I was overwhelmed (and exhausted) by the outpouring of interest for A Taste for Montreal / Le goût de la ville at the CCA last Thursday April 5th. Nearly 400 people – from foodies to farmers to architects – attended and participated in the soirée.

A huge thanks to the CCA, and especially to Elsa Lam, for being so willing to open up every nook and cranny – from the library to the winter garden. This event would not have been possible without the experienced and imaginative team at Avenue 8 who saw the potential of using food as an angle to experience and understand the city, and whose creative animation filled every corner of the CCA. And finally, the event would not have been worthy of its title without the SAT Foodlab, who were willing to take their show to the Shaughnessy house and treating us to delicious – and local – tapas.

I still can’t decide whether it was a triumph or a disaster for Spacing Montreal to turn the newsroom into a performance art for the evening. I’m proud to say that we went to press within 5 minutes of the closing remarks. But I also have to admit that I only read some of the articles this morning!

A big thank you to the Spacing team who was willing to take on the challenge: Jonathan Lapalme, Devin Alfaro, Alexandre Campeau-Vallée, Joel Thibert, Jean Desjardins and Guillaume Saint-Jean. I also want to give a shout-out to our photographer, Tristan Brand (who took the photo above as well as all the photos in the newspaper), and our two itinerant illustrators, Vincent Giard and Marta Masferrer Juliol. So much content did not make it into the paper, and we will be posting it here on the blog over the coming days and weeks.

Thanks to all who came! It was all a bit experimental, so please feel free to give us feedback in the comments!

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