Old Montreal’s forgotten public square

When most people think of important public squares in Old Montréal, two spaces come to mind. Place d’Armes, the setting for the... Read More

Photo du jour : Shining City upon a Hill

The Université de Montréal campus, seen from the Oratory. Read More

Photo du jour: l’Oratoire

Saint Joseph’s Oratory, as seen on October 17th, the day of Frère André’s canonisation. Read More

Photo du jour: Maison Cormier

Art Deco style house on Avenue des Pins, near Cedar. Designed by architect Ernest Cormier as his personal residence, and later the... Read More

Bergeron out of the Executive Committee

Almost a year after it started, Projet Montréal leader Richard Bergeron’s participation in Montreal’s Executive Committee... Read More

Marché Saint-Jacques slowly coming back to life

Marché Saint-Jacques seen from the corner of Ontario and Amherst. After years of serving as a city office building, the March... Read More

Event: Social Justice in the City with Peter Marcuse

Institut de politiques alternatives de Montreal (IPAM) feature speaker series presents: PETER MARCUSE “Social Justice in the... Read More

Car-Free Neighbourhoods Week from the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre

This month the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre is gearing up for an activity-packed week that aims to explore the concept of car-free... Read More

Photo du jour : Riverview

Riverview Avenue, in Westmount, located just north of the Ville-Marie Expressway. Read More

Photo du jour : Concordia looming

Concordia’s John Molson School of Business looms large over heritage townhouses on Pierce Street. Read More