Kimberley is originally from Toronto. Now transplanted to Montreal, she has wandered from the Finger Lakes to New York to South India to Turkey and back again – and hopes to pursue studies in ecology and nomadic architectures, if she can stay put long enough.

Know Hope: Tesseract

By Kimberley Mok The ubiquitous mansard roofs* of Montréal have always fascinated me. From the monumental to the ordinary vernacular... Read More

Know Hope: Gnome Yo’self Graffiti in Mile End Laneway

By Kimberley Mok The first “Know Hope” installation back in June was a visual reinterpretation of the Mont Royal tam-tams... Read More

Know Hope: Mont Royal

By Dave Bergeron and Kimberley Mok “Know Hope” will be a series of illustrative vignettes exploring and re-imagining... Read More

Photo du jour: Mission Old Brewery, Chinatown

Photo taken May 30, 2008 at Blvd. St. Laurent and Ave. Viger Read More