Paysages et pièges d’un travailleur cycliste

Paysages et pièges de mon parcours de 16km quotidien vers le nord de Laval l’an dernier. Celui de cette année sera un peu moins... Read More

Feeling the Region in our Feet

Last weekend, I took part in Walk the Region, a journey on foot Pointe-Aux-Anglais, in Oka, to Sainte-Hilaire, in an attempt to... Read More

Events guide: Mikael Colville-Andersen to speak at the Grande Bibliothèque

Last year, Kristian S. Villadsen and Louise Kielgast of Gehl Architects visited Montreal to tell us how we might... Read More

Bixi ad backlash

The third season of the Bixi bike sharing program has started with a few changes. More docking stations have been added to four more... Read More

Active Transportation on the Rise Across the Region

Image:  There sure do seem to be a lot more bikes on the road than there were 7 years ago…at least on the corner of Berri and... Read More

PODCAST: Saving BIXI, Bronson Avenue, and our parks

LISTEN TO THE NEW SPACING RADIO PODCAST! While some parks are jam-packed with kids, dog walkers and seniors practicing Tai Chi, others... Read More

Photo du jour : The Joy of Cycling

Airside is a British creative agency working across the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, digital, interactive, and moving... Read More

1897 Bicycle Map of Montreal

1897 map of Montreal area cycling routes from the BANQ archives: the best cycling routes are indicated by dotted red lines while... Read More

The BIXI Gap

While our home-grown BIXI’s have taken off in London England and beyond, they have yet to hit the streets in many parts of... Read More

To renew or not to renew

Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Renouveler ou ne pas renouveler mon abonnement BIXI. Et j’ai jusqu’au 31 juillet à prendre une décision... Read More