J’ai entendu le Condo pleurer

Un ami notait récemment sur Facebook que tous les terrains vacants autour de chez lui, aussi petits soient-ils, recevaient maintenant... Read More

STM updates Metro map

Before and after of the old and new map (by Kate McDonnell at Montreal City Weblog. Click for higher resolution) Just the other day, I... Read More

Capturing Montreal’s Condoscape

Montreal’s condo-scape is nothing if not controversial. When we aren’t scandalized by their audacity, we are outraged by... Read More

Cinq chantiers, cinq objectifs: l’hippodrome de Montréal

Jusqu’au 11 novembre, la galerie Espace projet présente Chantiers, une exposition mettant en scène 5 grands projets montréalais, parmi... Read More

Photo du jour : Election special

Graffiti in a laneway near St-Denis and Villeray. Read More

Montreal’s election prospects

In the federal election of May 2011 Montreal’s political geography was rewritten as the orange wave knocked out long established... Read More

The Dinghy is Legit

When I was in Berlin last month, I would sometimes see a couple hipsters lazily paddling a rubber dinghy through the canals, and would... Read More

Photo du jour: Fresh Paint

A number of downtown buildings are getting a fresh coat this weekend, courtesy of the Under Pressure 2012 festival. The activities... Read More