Spacing partners with Vancouver on Robson Street Redux

Spacing is proud to be the media partner for the City of Vancouver’s Robson Redux.

VIVA Vancouver — the City of Vancouver’s public space program that specializes in turning road spaces into people places — is seeking unique designs to transform an iconic block in downtown Vancouver into a temporary summertime plaza for pedestrians for the summer of 2014.

A single winning team will be selected to design, build, and install a temporary public space installation this summer. This year’s theme is connection: people’s connection to one another and people’s connection to the space.

WHO CAN ENTER: This is an open competition; anyone may enter. However, the competition criteria and submission requirements lend themselves to expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design and other related fields. The competition encourages design teams with diverse skill sets to submit joint entries.

DESIGN DEADLINE: March 21, 2014

Here are a few images from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Viva Vancouver 2011

ABOVE: Picnurbia, 2011

Viva Vancouver 2012-2

ABOVE: Pop Rocks, 2012


ABOVE: Corduroy Road, 2013

2013 photo: by Hapa Collaborative. 2012 photo: by Krista Janke. 2011 photo: courtesy Loose Affiliates


  1. I am very interested in this competition however I live and work in the US. The eligibility requirements state that each member must be legally permitted to work in Canada. Can someone please explain the implications of this on me entering the comp?

  2. Brian: thanks for the question on eligibility requirements for participating in Robson Redux. There are three parts to the answer:

    1) Submitting a Design
    To submit a design for Robson Redux, a US-based designer or design team does not need to be legally permitted to work in Canada, nor is it necessary for them to have the required insurance in place.

    2) Design Development by the Winning Individual or Team
    If a US-based designer or design team is selected as winner of the design-build competition, the $2,500 CAD honourarium can be issued without being legally permitted to work in Canada or having any of the required insurance in place.

    However, it is expected that further design development will need to be undertaken by the winning designer/team before the design is finalized. The US-based designer/team does not need to be permitted to work in Canada to carry out this work; however, the appropriate insurance will need to be in place, detailed in the brief. It will be expected that the insurance company chosen by the US-based designer/team is authorized to do business in Canada.

    3) Constructing and Building the Installation
    To help ensure the feasibility of the build, teams based outside of Canada are strongly encouraged to include a local representative on their team to manage the delivery of the project. At minimum, this person on the team will need to be legally permitted to work in Canada and must ensure that those constructing the installation have the appropriate insurance coverage in place. So no, each and every member of the winning team does not need to be legally permitted to work in Canada, only, at minimum, the person working locally as project manager and/or contractor are preferred.

    Please note that the project budget is inclusive. There are no additional fees for travel or disbursements.

    The Robson Redux design brief and the FAQ will be updated shortly to reflect this clarification. Thanks again for asking!

    Krisztina – VIVA Vancouver

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