WWW: How global cities are adopting new technologies to improve their livability


From highline to lowline: New York City approves the world’s first underground park

Faced with the success of the Manhattan Highline project, New York has approved the redevelopment of an unused trolley stop on the Lower East Side into an underground park. The one-acre park will utilize creative and innovative technologies to transform the area into a new public space.

The Uber effect: how are on-demand services changing the face of local business?

The rise of on-demand, application based services is having an impact on independent business and the streetscape of cities. In addition, the impacts of these services can exacerbate urban inequalities. 

Innovative ways of recycling air pollution

While air pollution may be viewed as an intangible form of waste, innovative urban thinkers are utilizing creativity and technology to create goods ranging from jewelry to fish food to printer ink.

photo courtesy of Dave Hill




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