1. maybe harper had something to do with it!! more cuts in the arts budget?

  2. The man playing the guitar is the owner of Jazz’00 on Sparks Street.

  3. Hartman’s may be the only supermarket, but it’s not the only grocer. Boushey’s has been around for 120 years, and Herb & Spice is nearby on Bank.

    But I’ve been avoiding Hartman’s after their active opposition to the gay village (at least the BIA is just ambivalent to it). The last two times I was at Hartman’s, both later at night, I’ve noticed the self-checkout machines, and what looks like many fewer staff. I was in there on Saturday looking for a specific item (a particular type of rigid plastic cutlery–they didn’t have it), and noticed new barricades by the door–I didn’t even notice the absent piano, but I did subconsciously realize something was very different in that corner.

    I’ve been shopping at the Loblaw’s on Pretoria lately for stuff I can’t get at Boushey’s and Herb & Spice. While it’s got a 1950’s car-oriented design, it also has a 1950’s customer service, and the cashiers tend to be very friendly, even at the end of their shift. I hope they don’t get replaced with machines anytime soon.

    – RG>

  4. Well said RG; indeed Boushey’s and Herb & Spice are grocers. I should have written full-service grocer – or better as you suggested supermarket. For a lot of people Hartman’s is the only place they have access to – cost, mobility issues being most at play here.

    But this also brings up another fascinating discussion about which stores people frequent for what reasons. An issues I’ll look to explore in the Village area soon.

    Thanks for the correction and comment.


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