PODCAST: Listen to Spacing’s 5-part series on G20

It has been over three weeks since the G20 Summit left Toronto but the actions of protesters and police are still lingering.

Spacing Radio‘s podcast team was on the streets during the tumultuous weekend recording sounds and reactions to the ongoing events. Our contributors have also sat down politicians, journalists, and human rights advocates to discuss the complex issues of policing and protesting an international summit. You can also read the posts by Spacing Toronto’s writers for more analysis of the summit.

Take the time to listen to our 5-part series and subscribe to our podcasts via iTunes:

• DAY 1: Everyone has a story to tell
• DAY 2: Toronto the colony
• DAY 3: Spectacle and social media
• DAY 4: Protecting civil liberties
• DAY 5: Protesting free speech zones

photo by Kate Raynes-Goldie