Image of the Moment – Transit Intersect

Photographer: Adam Hunt. Reused here with permission.

Photographer: Adam Hunt. Reused here with permission.

Taken by Adam Hunt on July 23rd, originally posted publicly on his Diaspora account. We’ll let the photographer explain the context in his own words:

This is a view of the bike pathway – pedestrian intersection at the Bayview O-Train station in Ottawa.

I have posted photos before showing how the city managed to design a busy bike pathway that intersects a very busy pedestrian access to the Bayview train station. This photo shows what seems to be their solution to the very high collision hazard – a “yield” sign and some paint markings. of course cyclists in this city are famous for always obeying signs, so we are safe now, right?

This won’t be an issue until the end of August as the train is out of service right now for track work, but it could be tense when the trains come back on line and the crowds reappear, especially as the cyclists have had three months of zooming though the signs with no pedestrian traffic to think about.

Is Adam correct in his perception and expectations?

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  1. Not only do I think Adam Hunt’s concerns are warranted but things could get really unpleasant as many students return to school at Carleton University, one of the stops on the O-Train itself.

    Collisions, near misses and plenty of damage are in store for people who use that intersection. I just hope that enough people will have cameras so they can film the inevitable smash-up.

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