Image of the Past: Albion Hotel 1936

Image: Albion Hotel
Location: Nicholas Street, Ottawa
Date of image: 1936
Source: Clifford M. Johnston, Library and Archives Canada

Now the site of the Novatel Hotel, The Albion Hotel was built in 1871 as a modest three-and-a-half story brick building. According to Canada’s Historic Places, “The Albion Hotel was originally the site of a hostelry, founded by Allan Cameron, in 1844. One of the oldest surviving hotels in Ottawa, the Albion Hotel’s massing and design are typical of hotels of the era…

The Albion Hotel, one of the oldest surviving hotels in Ottawa, housed a varied array of events and guests during its long history. The building of a new courthouse, (the Carleton County Courthouse) meant more business for the Albion Hotel which was located across the street. The structure’s location made it a favourite meeting place of lawyers and university students. It was linked with numerous famous trials, because juries unable to finish deliberating before midnight were housed there overnight.”

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