Transmedia 29:59 Launch in Dundas Square

A project by Year Zero One
Curated by Michael Alstad and Michelle Kasprzak

This Wednesday, August 3rd, a programme of one minute videos by artists will be launched on the pedestrian-level billboard in Dundas Square. Two videos will play each hour, on the 29th and 59th minutes. Launching on August 3rd on the 29th minute of each hour is “Movie Stars” by Manu Luksch, and on the 59th minute, “Screen Kiss” by Jillian McDonald. These two artists will have their videos broadcast on the 29th and 59th minutes of every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the month of August. New work will be unveiled on the screen each month.

The launch event in Dundas Square on August 3rd, from 8-10 PM, will also feature VJ faux amie and VJ fluid (Montreal) VJing live to the billboard, and the music of DJ Cyan (Montreal) and naw (Toronto). It will be a rare opportunity to see one of the gargantuan billboards in Dundas Square taken over by artists for two full hours.

This is the third public art project on outdoor video screens by the Year Zero One collective. You can check out the works shown on other video billboards in Toronto in the Year Zero One archives: Transmedia 2000, Transmedia 2002: Fifteen Seconds of Fame.