Human River on Garrison Creek

The Human River — a walk along the hidden Garrison Creek Sunday October 2nd 2005, with different starting points along route The... Read More

Public Toilet summit

Yes, there is a conference for every possible topic or vocation out there. The World Toilet Summit is wrapping up today in Belfast... Read More

Big blooming bunny art

Spacing‘s next issue, due out in early November, is all about street and public art, so we are becoming increasingly aware of... Read More

Capture the Flag

CAPTURE THE FLAG! Bay Street Friday, September 30th // 8:30 PM // meet at King & Bay Capture the Flag, the massive urban game... Read More

Toronto Walks in October, apparently

Apparently, the City of Toronto is going to designate October as “Toronto Walks Month.” A lovely idea, but it’s hard... Read More

City Council this week

There are some interesting things going down at September’s meeting of City Council. Here’s a primer: 1. Video screens on... Read More

Map Porn

Radical Cartography has an amazing collection of analytical maps. My personal favorite is a scale comparison of all North American... Read More

Hot St. Lawrence Design Porn

The good folks at the City of Toronto Planning Department have released a wonderful document on Urban Design Guidelines in the St... Read More

SPACING EVENT: City Club of Toronto?

The City Club of Toronto? Ideas and Experiences from Portland Spacing invites you out to an event we are helping organize promote... Read More

City Secretly Supports Car Free Day

It seemed fitting that I got a parking ticket on the eve of Car Free Day last week – the holiday the City chose not to support... Read More