Knit graffiti

There is a new type of graffiti that should catch on here in Canada — knit graffiti. A Montrose, Texas crew, calling themselves Knitta, are yarn bombing neighbourhoods. Knitta is at the confluence of two rising cultural tides: crafting and street art. The former has been embraced by hipsters: sites like regularly attract 300,000 unique visitors a month; Stitch ‘N Bitch groups are popping up all over.

“We’re taking graffiti and making it warm, fuzzy and more acceptable,” says AKrylik, one of the Knitta gang. “I like the duality there. Also, I really think there can be a lot more to the new, alternative knitting craze than meeting at the local coffee shop every Sunday afternoon to make scarves together.”

Read about it in the Houston Press.