Edible Estates

Growing food in your front yard is unconventional in just about any North American city, but in many places, especially the suburbs, farming your yard could be considered a defiant act. The Edible Estates project wants people to reconsider how they use private front yards. At work in nine different American cities, Edible Estates will partner with residents to turn their suburban lawns into prototype food-producing gardens.

“Edible Estates proposes the replacement of the American lawn with a highly productive domestic edible landscape. Food grown in our front yards will connect us to the seasons, the organic cycles of the earth and our neighbors. The banal lifeless space of uniform grass in front of the house will be replaced with the chaotic abundance of bio-diversity. In becoming gardeners we will reconsider our connection to the land, what we take from it and what we put in it. Each yard will be a unique expression of its location and of the inhabitant and their desires. Valuable land will be put to work.”