ISEA re:mote

For those not able to attend the Inter-Society of Electronic Art Symposium this year, they may wish to participate remotely through the ISEA re:mote programme. Of particular interest to Spacing readers may be the “Interactive City” theme at this year’s symposium.

ISEA2006 re:mote is inviting media spaces and individual artists, theorists, and curators from around the world to speak or perform via remote technologies to the audience at ISEA on one of the four themes of ISEA 2006. ISEA re:mote will focus on presenting media spaces and people that would otherwise be excluded from presenting their work at ISEA due to financial, political, or logistical reasons.

Each presentation can be up to 20 minutes in length. Technologies used will be up to each presenter, the premise is that the technologies should be easy for you to use and access and ISEA 2006 re:mote will manage the corresponding technology requirements as much as possible onsite at ISEA 2006. Live and pre-recorded material can be included. Creative use of remote presentation technologies is encouraged!

All proposals need only be a short paragraph outlining what you would like to present, a short bio (one paragraph), and the software, technology, or other delivery process you would like to use for the presentation. Please email this information to Adam Hyde at: adam at xs4all dot nl. (Ed. note: in the interests of brevity I truncated some details of this message, if you have any questions please email Adam Hyde.)