* moonlight bike ride *

Moonlight bike ride
Who could resist a moonlight bike ride on a fine August night?

Quiet, peaceful, and lit by streetlamps, the city takes on a new, almost more personal, character after dark.

Saturday, August 19, starting at 10pm and ending at midnight. The meeting point will be Healy-Willan Park, located at the intersection of Ulster and Euclid. The course will include laneways, Yonge Street, some public art sites, at least one industrial area (perhaps near King and Niagara), and the Bike Arch at Queen’s Quay.


  1. hey…

    check out midnight-mass.blogspot.com

    it’s a group of us who do a similar shindig in vancouver.

    get ready for a blast – it’s always lots of fun.

    also, i hope you’re ready to keep it going, ’cause it’s super popular here; a bit of a ritual, almost.



  2. oh you Tdot Bots are in for a treat! there’s nothing like a mystery midnight bike ride to spook things up and get the wheels a’whirlin! don’t miss it or you’ll be sorry!

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