Toronto Coalition for Active Transport

Cycling, walking, and related organizations in Toronto have come together to form the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT). TCAT’s goal is to make cycling and pedestrian issues a major factor in the upcoming municipal election. It has developed a platform of important issues that should be addressed by the city, and will be conducting a candidate survey. From the press release:

Active transportation (cycling and walking) is the most affordable, healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. A city where cycling and walking are safe and enjoyable is a great place to live. Toronto could be a world leader in urban living and sustainable transportation, but the City of Toronto dedicates less than 2% of its transportation budget to active transportation.

The next Toronto City Council needs to take active transportation seriously and a new coalition of community groups, businesses and environmental groups has formed to make sure that cycling and pedestrian issues don’t fall through the cracks during election 2006.

One of the purposes of the coalition is to provide tools for citizens to put active transportation on the agenda in their ward. Visit the TCAT website to read the platform and get ideas on how to make active transportation a major issue in your ward and your city.