Dancing in the streets

Tired, like Billy Idol, of just dancing with yourself? Or tireder still, like OK GO, of dancing on treadmills at the gym? Well break on out of that dancing rut with a new public space intervention project called I WANT RHYTHM. Says founder Nicole Stoffman,

I WANT RHYTHM and it challenges the cultural prejudice against dancing in the street for no reason but pure joy. I pick a meeting place fo self-selected participants to congregate and then we dance along a lively stretch of Toronto to music coming out of shops, restaurants, cars and street musicians.

I WANT RHYTHM was launched Sept 24, 2006, and has been taking place every other Sunday at 2:30pm at different locations since. Participants have ranged from 2-6 and we have danced through Bloor St. West, Koreatown, West Queen West and Kensington Market. We have so far brought alot of smiles and hoots and hollering to people passing by, and have even encouraged onlookers to join in the fun. Sometimes I WANT RHYTHM turns into a little show, with people stopping to watch and applaud.

The next I WANT RHYTHM is tomorrow, Sunday, November 19 at 2:30pm. The meeting spot is the front steps of The Church of the Redeemer at the NE corner of Avenue Rd. and Bloor St. It is, of course, completely free. People who would like to be part of a documentary can join us after at a café for a videotaped debriefing. For more information click here.

Image courtesy of I WANT RHYTHM.