Best of 2006: lists from around the continent

Did you know that for the first time in North America there are more poor residents of suburbs than central cities? Or that... Read More

Best of 2006: graffiti

Graffiti has become the wallpaper of urban life as much of it tends to blend into the city landscape. But a creative person has been... Read More

Spacing in the media today

Both Shawn Micallef (Spacing associate editor) and Matthew Blackett (Spacing publisher and creative director) were featured in the... Read More

Best of 2006: Tree Pit Liberation

All over Toronto in 2006 people and businesses have been removing the cement covers that strangle our street trees, turning that... Read More

Toronto in the news today

Here are a list of articles that are worth reading today. • EDITORIAL: Miller faces tests on growth, budget [ Toronto Star ... Read More

Post Christmas Self-Gift Tip: College Street

Christmas is done so you probably have money from Grand Ma or Weird Uncle to go “buy a present for yourself” because... Read More

A tardy alt-weekly round up

This week, NOW’s Mike Smith writes about TTC development: Other side of the tracks. He focuses on the idea of selling TTC land... Read More

Ye Old Merry Christmas

Spacing editor Anna Bowness has said, a few times, that Sesame Street taught us everything we needed to know about urbanism when we... Read More

Merry Christmess, from Zanta

Thanks to BlogTO for this tip — at Queen West and Gladstone (one block east of Dufferin), someone has either paid for a Zanta... Read More

Lots of links for the weekend

We’re not sure how much we’ll be posting over the next few days, so here are a bunch of links to articles in local papers... Read More