Public Space Invaders III: Call for films

Spacing is now accepting submissions for the third installment of our Public Space Invaders film night to be held at the Drake Hotel in late March.

We are primarily looking for films that deal with public spaces in and around Toronto. They can be fun, arty, serious, very serious, beautiful or even ugly. Student films are fine too — we want to show Toronto from a variety of angles. Archival films are also great — tell us if you have some old shots of the CN Tower being built or maybe a home movie of Uncle Johnny’s first day at the Ex.

If you are a video blogger and have some vblogs about Toronto, package them up and send them along as well.

Films about public space issues in other cities will certainly be considered, but we’re first interested in all things local. If there are films we should consider, tell us about them, and where to find them.

No film is too short, but some might be too long, so talk to us (1 to 15 minutes is good). If you’ve shot neat stuff with your cell phone camera, we don’t want the raw footage, but if you do something interesting with it in iMovie, maybe we would. We can’t offer an artist fee, but we’ll buy you a beer and people will get to see your work in public, on a screen bigger than YouTube’s.

EMAIL: shawn at spacing dot ca (please put “Space Invaders” in subject)
SEND DVDs: 253 College St. Box 372, Toronto ON, M5T 1R5
DEADLINE: February 28, 2007.