Royksopp and the city

Gotta like this Royksopp video for the song “Remind Me“. It could pass as a grad student’s thesis project on how... Read More

Moscoe delcares war on highway billboards! found a new ally in councillor Howard Moscoe. The verbose politician from North York is asking for a freeze on sign... Read More

Watching the Blitz from the beach

That plane above is called The Globemaster and it will be attacking Toronto this weekend, along with planes with names like Mustang... Read More

Facebook Friday Finale: Toronto Lovin’

Facebook has become an important tool for Torontonians who want to inform their fellow citizens about local issues, initiatives, and... Read More

Friday’s Headlines

•¬†Public raging at garden razing¬†[ Toronto Star ] • Woman whose yard was razed receives letters informing her the backyard... Read More

Dale Duncan at City Hall, August 30th, 2007

We need new taxes Provincial election campaigns will soon to kick into full throttle and many Torontonians will be putting their... Read More

Spacing Votes starts today!

Spacing Votes is now up and running. There are only a few posts currently up, but content will increase as the province gets closer to... Read More

Alternative Grounds digs BikeFriday

Summertime and the biking is easy…on Friday, at least. Commute to work with me and others this Friday, August 31, for the last... Read More

Thursday’s Headlines

• Bikers hitting bollards at the Boulevard Club [ Toronto Star ] • Mock-ups show two better ways [ Toronto Star ] • A... Read More

By the numbers — our sustainable city

Cross-posted from Eye Daily. Thought the big city was all smog and traffic jams and pavement? As it turns out, Toronto is... Read More