Thursday’s Headlines

Pitching TTC for dummies [ Toronto Star ]
Mel-ory lane leaves us trippin’ [ Toronto Star ]

Panhandler faces murder charges [ Toronto Star ]
New road racing rules necessary [ Toronto Star ]
Big decision, little choice for Miller [ Toronto Star ]
Ontario brings back eye in the sky [ Globe and Mail ]
Heaps turns down mayor’s request [ Globe and Mail ]
NDP woos Toronto with budget plan [ Globe and Mail ]
Bus driver makes pitch for civic duty [ National Post ]
Councillor likes independent tag [ National Post ]
Quit whining, Miller: Flaherty [ Toronto Sun ]


  1. If a column is written but isn’t posted in the Headlines thread, is it really written? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

    Sue Ann Levy (exclusively) interviews Jim Flaherty in today’s Sun.

    The jolts of rage that ran through my body as I read the article were more effective than any morning coffee.

  2. “jolts of rage”…really good imagery. Although I can’t decide if that does sounds like a good or bad way to start the day. On the one hand you have the jolts, on the other the rage…

  3. “defeatist attitude.”

    That’s the best old Joe “Snip Snip” Flaherty’s got? How did the city end up being unable to spend 75% of it’s budget? Oh right, it was the Harris Tory’s under the fiscal guidance of Joe “Yo’ Fault” Flaherty. This did some much downloading even Metallica wanted to kick his ass.

    On the other hand, what else is he going to say? “No, you’re right. The Harris government was a colossal failure in longterm planning and focused to heavily on short-term financial gains achieved through reckless service cuts.”

    The real drag…this guy’s handling the dough for everyone now. I wonder when they’ll make Mike Harris a senator as a reward for his noble work for the people of Ontario. Now THAT…would give me the “jolts of rage.”

  4. “He would have been better off using the money (the $150,000 ) to study efficiencies in municipal government,” added Flaherty, also the minister responsible for the GTA.”

    This from Flaherty lied about the state on Ontario’s finances before the Tories were turfed. What a hypocrite.

  5. Jim Coyle really stuck it to Mel. Lastman was so embarrassing to this city… I guess the idiots out there who want him back forgot about his “WHO IS THE WHO?” rant on CNN.

    As for dear old Sue Ann, I whish I had her simplistic mind set. Going through life as an air head not knowing details and basing your beliefs on popular rhetoric spewed by the likes of Flaherty must be so good and easy… I don’t think she is a bad person, her moronic rants are a consequence of her ignorance and inability for long term thinking (a common characteristics to most conservatives).

  6. Carlos, Levy isn’t just a “simplistic mind,” she’s vindictive. Levy is Jeff Lyon’s niece. When Brother Jeff had full access to the backrooms of City Hall, so did Sue Ann. But now Lyons is a disgraced lobbyist forever tied to the MFP scandal and her uncle’s Lastman-era friends are no longer in the loop.

    That makes life comparitively hard for someone who never had to work for her stories. And wouldn’t you hold a grudge against the mayor who insisted on holding the public inquiry that ruined your uncle’s reputation?

  7. Adam, I did not know what you just said. Thanks for the information. But now I will despise her even more… Forget what I said, she IS a bad person. I guess it is ok for lobbyists to scam Toronto’s taxpayers out of millions of dollars, but wrong to spend that money fighting congestion and pollution.

  8. It wasn’t a jolt of rage, but it was an incredibly depressing jolt last year, when I read something about one of Jim’s roles in Cabinet.

    When Harper took flak for appointing a Senator to cabinet, violating all the grand Reform principles, the justification was that Montreal needed representation at Cabinet. “What about Toronto?” someone asked, since we were at least smart enough not to elect any of these guys here.

    The answer was that we didn’t need one… “Jim Flaherty would be Toronto’s voice in the cabinet.”

    We spent years geting rid of the guy (and his pals), partly to *save* Toronto, and this is what we get?

    But take some small relief where we can get it. The Globe today reported some Ottawa “insiders” are saying Flaherty got a big demotion as part of the cabinet shuffle fallout.

    While he kept his Cabinet post, he did lose his role as vice-chair of two key committees that have traditionally been held by the Finance Minister.

    “’This is bad for him,’ said a Flaherty friend, who believes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper removed the minister from the cabinet committees to send a message that he is unhappy with Mr. Flaherty’s performance.”

    Globe article is here:

  9. I really REALLY hate Sue Ann Levy. The sad thing is, Sun Readers actually believe this %$^%$ is a legitimate journalist. It’s pathetic. But then Sun readers believe that tax cuts, and still getting excellent service.

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