Thursday’s Headlines

Stalwart pylon on guard for the pole time forgot [ Toronto Star ]
Invitation to a party that counts [ Toronto Star ]
Candidates squabble over signs [ Toronto Star ]
New – or renewed – terminal on the horizon [ Toronto Star ]
Dog fights loom as city studies 10 potential off-leash areas [ National Post ]
On the wrong page [ NOW ]
McGuinty’s upload of bull [ NOW ]
Liberals handing out cash by the barrell because it works [ Globe ]
Ontario leaders agree on uploading social services [ Globe ]


  1. I don’t think the existing terminal should be renovated (even though it’s really dire) because that won’t solve the bus capacity problem, and the terminal site could be sold or co-developed to provide a cash boost for the TTC’s capital projects.

    90 Harbour Street is a bit further south of Union than would be preferable but if it was connected to PATH and/or the streetcar tunnel maybe it could work.

  2. I am not sure that the new location would be great for the bus terminal. It is not exactly pedestrian friendly or near to the core of the city.

    Maybe the new location ties in to the Harbour Renewal plans somehow.

  3. I met a young family member at the bus terminal last year and it was scary. No wonder nobody wants to take a bus.

  4. From reading both of the Globe and Mail articles and the Tories’ August 22 press release on funding for municipalities, it seems John Tory still hasn’t promised a single cent to reverse the damage he admits his party did to Ontario’s municipalities while in government. For someone hoping to represent a Toronto riding, that is disgraceful.

  5. I’ve taken a few buses from the Bay terminal, and while it’s definitely dingy and poorly laid out, it’s not scary. Putting a terminal on the Lakeshore, away from pedestrian traffic and passers-by, would be much scarier for me, since I have to walk.

  6. Christopher Hume’s article today is especially interesting.

    makes me want to research what’s involved in forming a political party…

  7. Vote for MMP. Because the seat totals will be allocated by votes from across the provence, urban areas will no longer be underrepresented.

  8. As someone who travels by bus semi-regularly, I would hate for it to be located way down on Lakeshore. Its nice to be able to come off the bus and get on the subway in less than 5 minutes. I take the GO bus more and although its very close to the Gardiner, when traffic is heavy it can still take a LONG time to actually get onto it, I don’t think a closer location to the Gardiner will actually cut off very much time at all.

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