City Council Bits and Bites

  Council’s smallest member This morning, Council’s speaker, Councillor Sandra Bussin, ordered Councillor Rob Ford to... Read More

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[ Click on cover to view larger version ] Spacing’s spring 2008 issue is only a few weeks away from release, so this is the time... Read More

Montréal Monday — ad projection, crossing the street, and Griffintown updates

Each Monday, Spacing will bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montréal. We’ll keep an eye... Read More

Monday’s headlines

• Toronto ratepayers live on easy street [ Toronto Star ] • Taxes hit you where you live [ Toronto Star ] • Get set for... Read More

Councillors say the darnedest things

[youtube][/youtube] EDITOR’S NOTE: Video contains a lot of swear words. You’ve been... Read More

Ballenford: Death of a great bookstore

Earlier this week Ballenford Books sent out a distressed email announcing their intention to close after twenty-nine years as a... Read More

Sunday’s headlines

• Toronto hits energy target [ Toronto Star ] • Dark city, bright idea [ Toronto Star ] • Blindfolded treehugging ... Read More

Event Guide: Past, Present & Future of our Brownfields

The Toronto Society of Architects would like to invite you to join their upcoming monthly meeting, featuring a discussion on the Past... Read More

Winter cyclist profile – Jonny the musician

Spring is now officially here, but as there is a little bit of snow to contend with, we offer you one more in the series of winter... Read More

The City starts to plan for TTC strike

The City of Toronto issued a press release outlining a contingency plan in the case of a TTC strike starting on April 1 (does anyone... Read More