Where no streetcar has gone before

Following the delivery of the current Canadian Light Rail Vehicles (CLRVs) and articulated ALRV streetcars in the 1980s, the TTC disposed of most of its remaining Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars. Through the 1990s, it retained only a core rebuilt fleet that lasted until 1996, when all but two left the TTC. Many of these PCC cars were given new life, like the streetcars operating in Kenosha or at the Halton County Radial Railway Museum. Even the PCC living out its life as a seating area for Super Burger near Shelburne has a somewhat dignified end, even if its front was removed. But I recently discovered another long-lost PCC streetcar rusting away on Highway 6 just south of Highway 401 in Morriston, Ontario, far from any current or former streetcar route. Framing along the side of the streetcar suggests that it was used for displaying billboards at one time.

Car 4427 was built in 1949 equipped for multiple-unit operation, and ran in coupled pairs on Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue, and later on Queen Street. Perhaps at the time, the intention of moving a streetcar here, 75 kilometres from downtown Toronto was good – by doing so, it added visual interest along a busy highway and saved a streetcar from the scrapper’s torch. Now, it looks beyond repair and destined to completely rust out.


  1. I’ve driven past it more than once. I’ve often wondered why preservationists with a thirst for a PCC car haven’t tried to buy it off him.

  2. That car has been there at least 20 years, probably closer to 30 years now and not once has it moved. I’ve passed it many times over the years going to work, to the cottage, all over.

  3. The site on which this sits is a Japanese Kobe-style beef farm that sources finer Toronto restaurants. This particular streetcar was once a restaurant, and the framing you see was for signage or an awning. They’ve also had a few offers from potential buyers, but none have ever sealed a deal.

    Oh, and if you go to photograph or want to see the interior, the owners are very appreciative if you ask for permission to go onto the property first. 🙂

  4. I would guess that some of today’s CLRV’s and ALRV’s could end up as someone’s restaurant, or home for that matter.

  5. When I was last in Phoenix a couple of years ago and went walking in their (very boring) central area I turned a corner and there was a TTC streetcar – PCC 4617. It was in good condition with decals saying that service was supported by the Government of Ontario and was marking the spot where the new Phoenix LRT station would be. I guess it’s still there.

  6. Just an update; it’s since been repainted. The red looks good, but the cream has been replaced by white. Still looks like an eyesore, sadly.

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