Dale Duncan goes to City Hall

Dale Duncan, Spacing’s Executive Editor, is moving on from the magazine. Dale has accepted a job as a constituency assistant in the office of Councillor Adam Vaughan. Her work will largely be focused on the neighbourhoods, residents and businesses in the northern part of ward 20.

Dale is one of three current editors of Spacing that was there when the magazine was just a twinkle in our eyes. Our first meeting — to discuss this wild idea of doing a magazine — was in Grange Park in the fall of 2002. From the very get-go, Dale was the glue that kept us together. As the magazine grew, Dale took on a number of other responsibilities besides editorial work: she ran our subscriptions department, wrote grants, and was the best subway button packager you’ll ever see.

As Spacing’s editorial coverage and reputation grew, Dale was able to parlay her experience with the magazine into freelance writing gigs with the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Re-New Canada, and eventually as a staff writer for Eye Weekly. She would later replace John Sewell as Eye‘s City Hall columnist.

Dale was recently rewarded for her outstanding contribution to Spacing when she was named 2008’s Editor of the Year by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors.

Spacing is very excited for Dale and the new opportunities that working at City Hall will provide her. While the editorial staff is very sad to see her go, we take solace in knowing that City Hall is better off today with such a dynamic public space advocate working from the inside.

Todd Harrison, Spacing’s copy editor, will assume the role of Managing Editor of Spacing in September.

photo by Rannie Turingan


  1. I didn’t know Dale Duncan was a woman, maybe I should get out to one of those launch parties…

  2. I think many activist journalists not-so-secretly want to be directly involved in the political process, and that is great.

    Congrats on the job, Dale.

    Vaughan hasn’t said anything lately that would make me think my and my co-workers’ jobs in the Entertainment District are in jeopardy, so I will hold my tongue this time 🙂

  3. Way to go Dale!

    May your career continue to blossom.

  4. Way to go bella!! From one amazing team of colleagues to another – they’re lucky to have you 😉

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