Tuesday’s headlines

Damaged storefront on Wilson and repairs. Storefronts were damaged as far east as Dufferin Road. More pictures below.

Blast fallout brings city bylaw review [ Toronto Star ]
Toronto mayor, regulator trade blame [ Globe and Mail ]
City zoned out on regulation of its propane industry [ Globe and Mail ]
City defends emergency response [ National Post ]
Province, city play the blame game after west-end explosions [ National Post ]
City to look at safety of propane facilities in neighbourhoods [ National Post ]
Toronto to review zoning bylaws after propane explosion, fire [ CBC.ca ]

Angry residents rally as homes remain shut [ Globe and Mail]
Shaken residents go home [ National Post ]
Most residents back home after propane blast in Toronto [ CBC.ca ]
‘We’re still out here’ [ Toronto Sun ]

Neighbourhood Damage
Historic Jewish cemetery closed by propane accident [ CBC.ca ]
Massive blast badly damages historic Jewish cemetery [ National Post ]
‘You lose your faith in people’ [ Toronto Sun ]

Police & Firefighters
Fallen fireman devoted to duty [ Toronto Star ]
Fire chief ‘a classy guy’ [ Toronto Sun ]
Body found at site of Toronto propane fire [ CBC.ca ]
Toronto police locate body at site of propane blast [ National Post ]
Body discovered at blast site [ Toronto Star ]

Leak could have triggered huge explosion [ Toronto Star ]
Day, time made blast damages less severe [ Toronto Star ]
Riddles in the ruins [ Toronto Star ]

Newcomers transform city [ Toronto Star ]

Residents and curious gather at the foot of Murray Road. Some are still not allowed back home.

Pictures taken yesterday evening by Sean Marshall


  1. Hmm… who was Premier of Ontario between 1991-1995. Is that guy still in politics? Maybe someone should ask him why Ontario fought to quash the York and Toronto bylaws…

  2. With provincial policies towards additional brownfield redevelopment, and trends towards residential encroachment into industrial areas, unfortunate incidents like these become all the more possible.

  3. Have you guys done a post about how UGLY the new police cars are?

  4. Now there’s an idea. First they outfit blue lights on Ontario police cars, then they decide the TPS needs that Greyhound look.

    With red/blue swooshes and blue lights, I get police cars mixed up with coaches and snowplows.

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