Wednesday’s headlines

TTC riding made easy with iPhone application [ Toronto Star ]
A cleaner way to work: City launches clean commute plan [ Toronto Star ]
Leave it to civic whiners to ruin wieners [ National Post ]
Plastic proposal costly [ Toronto Sun ]
Students call for ban on plastic bags [ Globe and Mail ]
Landlords OK with inspections [ Toronto Sun ]
Plan would give rinks more ice time [ Toronto Star ]
A tour of Parkdale’s trees, in Tibetan [ National Post ]
Urban autonomy a pipe dream given ever-changing boundaries [ Globe and Mail ]

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  1. The John Barber article is interesting, if a touch finger-waggy. I haven’t read Sancton’s book; does he discuss what happens when the province hates the city’s guts?

    Because, y’know, cockeyed idealism can swing both ways.

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