FACEBOOK FRIDAY: Jarvis Streetscape Improvement

We’re pleased to announce the return of Facebook Friday. Every Friday, Spacing profiles a Facebook group that is using the social network to articulate their experiences and share information about Toronto.

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The City of Toronto has been conducting a Class Environmental Assessment to return Jarvis Street to prominence. Facebook’s Jarvis Streetscape Improvement group gives you the opportunity to be part of the project. There is very little question that that Toronto’s oldest paved road needs an overhaul to enhance the public realm of this street. Historically, Jarvis was a street for Toronto’s elite families, but now features many run-down buildings and traffic congestion. This group is provided by the City of Toronto Public Consultation Unit and it’s where you can post any comments, questions or concerns which will be considered as part of the study. It is exciting to think that as something as simple as a Facebook group will potentially influence City policies. In addition to joining the group, you can also attend the next public meeting for the Jarvis Streetscape Improvement project on Thursday, January 22, 2009.

photo by Derek Tsang


  1. I hope people make a good turnout and influence the planners because all the ideas on their facebook group are non-starters with the city.

  2. There has been great turn-out to date, but I’m not optimistic that this will have any influence on the planners.

    If planning decisions were decided by the public who use the public spaces rather than planners who think they know better, this upcoming Streetscape meeting would involve a announcement that, “due to overwhelming public demand,” Jarvis St. would be getting bike lanes.

    But I betcha $100 there are no bike lanes in Jarvis’ future, and that whatever big plans for Jarvis the planners have dreamed up will not change the fact that Jarvis street is an uninviting strip of urban hostility that no one wants to spend any time on. But maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical. We shall see what Thursday brings…

  3. If the City is going to do major streetscape changes, it would be nice for them to bury the overhead hydro wires while the pavement is torn up.

  4. what a great idea for a feature!… I never knew about this meeting or about the proposal to improve Jarvis, and I consider myself up-to-date with these kinds of issues…

    Here’s an idea for a facebook group that could be featured in next week’s post… it is trying to involve u of t students in a campaign to reverse the decision to disallow the patios at brunswick & bloor (future’s bakery & labyrinth)…


    keep up the great work!…

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