Universal Love Machine

This piece of public art is a bit of a mystery. It does not have a plaque displaying the name of the artist or title, which makes its origins difficult to research. I would hesitate to classify this as “graffiti”, as that form of expression has almost always taken the form of lettering, sketching, or painting onto a hard surface. I would also refrain from calling it “installation art” as it doesn’t attempt to transform the park, or the public space that surrounds the piece. That the wolf has lasted ten years or more without being vandalized or destroyed is proof that local residents have learned to appreciate or at least tolerate its presence, and that this is simply put, public art.

An article by Matt Blackett explains its official title is “Universal Love Machine” and that a tree used to accompany the piece, but was removed in 2007 for safety reasons. It is located in Trinity Bellwoods park and is made of some type of metal.

Top photo by Shaun Merritt bottom photo by Ryan Mallard.


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