Let Metrolinx know what’s what: if you haven’t yet, here’s how


June will see a number of opportunities to learn about, contribute to, and/or rally against Metrolinx’s plans for the Georgetown South Service Expansion (GSSE) and the Union-Pearson Rail Link (UPRL).  Metrolinx will host six public open houses in communities all along the rail corridor over the course of the month, starting in Weston on June 8th.  Can’t make it to a public meeting?  Check out and comment on Metrolinx’s online consultation portal.

And if you’ve had your fill of Metrolinx’s ‘Big Move,’ you can check out the Clean Train Coalition‘s answer, ‘The Better Move,’ at one of their upcoming events.  This group of community members, environmentalists, and various supporters is proving themselves to be a veritable opponent to Metrolinx.  Politicians, Trustees and Parent Council Chairs will be discussing their concerns at a community information and strategy meeting tomorrow, June 2nd, at 7pm at Fern Avenue Public School.  The CTC will also host a fundraiser screening of the film ‘Toxic Trespass’ at the Revue Cinema on Sunday, June 14th, with the star of the documentary, Leo Petrilli, in attendance.

Photo by Dave Raptortheangel


  1. Correction- the Clean Train Coalition fundraiser screening of ‘Toxic Trespass’ is Sunday, June 14th at 7pm at the Revue, 400 Roncesvalles, and director, Barri Cohen will be in attendance as well.

  2. The section on electrification (page 204) carries a whiff of bovine manure. Note to metrolinx – you’re not supposed to help your opponents by making unsupported comments. It would probably come as news to METRA that their bilevel electric cars aren’t approved for the railroad, for instance.

  3. Metra, in case anyone’s wondering, operates in and around Chicago. Their double-decker electric cars are called Highliners, and some were built by an obscure little company that Metrolinx would have no reason to have heard of: Bombardier.

    Steve Munro will no doubt have more to say about this.

  4. Seems my mis-trust of Metrolinx is well-founded.

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