Metrolinx’s Strachan bridge update

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As we mentioned in a post on May 26, Metrolinx has backed down on their plan to turn Strachan Ave. into an elevated bridge in the Liberty Village area. Instead, a new rendering has been released showing a sunken train corridor with little harm to the urban fabric.  This rendering will be at Metrolinx’s second Open House in the community on June 16th, 2009 at Fort York between 3-8pm. At that time, this solution will be formally presented to the community and comment cards will be available.

Judge for yourselves if you think Metrolinx has repsonded to the demands of the City and neighbourhood.


  1. Metrolinx still has to answer to the entire City for the bungling over electrification which judging by the public open house last night is still continuing. It amazes me that people are not more upset about what a stone age plan their dirty diesel is.

  2. Looks very nice, this is a road we can be proud of.

  3. This is a great compromise. Now all we need is a GO station incorporated into the plan.

  4. Certainly an improvement over what is there now, and I think an example of responsiveness to pressure and feedback.

  5. I think the whole track from weston to Union should be buried – and the top made into a park for the city. Then they can run as many deisel trains thru there and it will keep out the noise and give us some much more needed green space. I’m sure its possible since they’re already doing the digging. Then it could also be used for the DRL since there is all this space available. See? problem solved!

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