1. Re: City Hall’s car guy learns to ride

    The Toronto Cyclists Union should send Minnan-Wong a membership application form.

  2. Maybe the Mr. Minnan-Wong is about to have a conversion experience, a la St Paul!

  3. The Wave,

    Cycled Queens Quay yesterday to see the Wave. We all have a big problem. The optics are great and something had to be done at the Simcoe Slip bottleneck but it is quite simply unsafe and a virtual barrier to access for the elderly and handicapped. Helmets Only Zone sign needed.

  4. Saving Sunnyside,

    Everyone should also look at this plan and tell the City to get the priorities straight; geese and water quality are the first priority. In a hot summer much of the existing green space and the Boardwalk are virtually useless due to goose goo. Parents simply do not want to let their kids run free and use the space that already exists. The same goes for the water quality west of the Pavillion where most of the best usable beach exists. When you most need to cool off in the summer, the water is so full of floating green slim that no mother will let her kids get near it let alone wade or swim. The plan calls for first setting up contained swimming areas with a sort of fine screen containment to keep out the crap but no one will trust it when the water on the other side of the screen looks like a sewer. The plan does not call for solving the real problem until 2028, which is the Humber River sewer that dumps e.Coli into the Lake after every summer thunderstorm. The mouth of the Humber needs to be fixed first. Before spending $200 millions on road work, spend the money first on the water quality and the biggest attraction of a “beach,” the water!! We will get useable beaches 10 or 15 years earlier.

  5. Would someone kindly offer to adjust the seat on Councillor Minnan-Wong’s bicycle before he hurts his knees? The seat is so obviously low and he is overbending his knees to a point injury appears unavoidable. It would be a travesty to win him over to only lose him again due to injury that could have been prevented.

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