Copenhagen: N-55 “Spaceframe”


The Danes are famed for their design, and here’s an interesting example. It’s a floating living space in Copenhagen created by an art/design group called N-55, tucked away at the north end of the set of islands known as Christianhavn just off the main part of the city, in areas that were once a naval base.

They call this little modular design “Spaceframe“, described as “a low-cost, movable lightweight construction that can easily be transformed. It is dimensioned as a living unit for 3-4 persons and demands practically no maintenance. The construction can be erected by anybody in a short time.”

It can be placed anywhere, they say, but in this case it is floating on a specially-designed floating platform. I like the little greenhouse attached to it, too.

Thanks to Katrina Lee for showing me this structure and telling me about N-55.

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